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What we do

We give support to our corporate clients in creating new business. We help our clients in setting up corporate venture programs that will enable them to engage with cutting-edge tech firms, startup companies, university and government labs. We help corporate teams with entrepreneurial spirits to set up new greenfield businesses.

For who

THEC-Incubator program is designed for international and ambitious startups that view the Netherlands as the best place for starting, growing and internationalizing business, and as a gateway to the rest of Europe. We believe that chances for success are best when an entrepreneur can fully focus on the development of his or her innovative product/service.

Our team

THEC-Incubator is run by a team of reliable, experienced and dedicated professionals who have a strong track record in new business venturing.

How we work

During the first hundred days of the program, participants work on their Early Stage Business Plan. Together with our mentors and coaches, the startups follow a discovery-driven planning approach. Assumptions are made, data are uncovered, information is gathered. After the first hundred days, a business strategy is prepared, and a mockup or a demo of the product or solution is delivered.

At mid-term, typically after 6 months, participants are expected to present a draft version of their business plan, including a financial paragraph. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is ready to be presented to early customers.

By the end of the first 12 months, participants are expected to be able to present their business concept, strategy and financial forecasts and budgets. They may decide to extend their participation in the program for a maximum of one year. Participation in THEC-Incubator may not be extended beyond two years.

Our program

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams, participating in the THEC-Incubator program, are invited to formulate, develop and commercialize their business ideas. We provide startups with business infrastructure, incubator environment and action-learning program that encourage them to experiment and scale fast. The program involves networking with technology and industry experts, building prototypes and testing beta versions with launching customers. THEC-Incubator has its office at the World Trade Center in The Hague.

What we offer
Coaching & mentoring
Startups are coached and mentored by a team of business innovation professionals, financial experts and experienced tech-entrepreneurs. In a practical and hands-on manner, coaches assist the participants in preparing pitches and business plans and offer them support in deal making.

Access to Capital
Startups are guided by experienced professionals with a corporate CFO or banking background. Our mentors and coaches help the participants to prepare their financial plans and expand their businesses. We have excellent contacts with various regional investment funds, corporate venture funds, financial institutions and informal investors. We may help the participants to identify relevant subsidies and grants.

Office space and Incubator facilities
We provide an office space with telephones, computers, conference area, secretarial and call-answering services.


Accounting, Tax & Financial Management Services
We assist growing startups with all monthly, quarterly as well as year-end accounting and filings such as monthly overview of payable/receivables, quarterly turnover tax, employee payroll, P&L statements, quarterly and year-end reporting, income tax filing.

Expat Services
We provide newcomers to the Netherlands with a variety of expat services including visas, staying permits, insurance, housing and any other assistance to ensure that the entrepreneur and his/her family will feel at home when working and living in the Netherlands.

Legal assistance

We provide assistance with business contracts, employment agreements, trademark or intellectual property matters and ensure that our clients comply with applicable legal requirements.

Web - & Internet Services
We can provide our clients with website development, hosting, and maintenance services.

Selection procedure

Intake form & Application letters of candidates with business ideas

Screening business ideas in NL

Interview candidates by sector specialist

Proposed entrepeneurs & business ideas screened by Selection Board

Negotation with candidates

Contractual agreement between THEC and the startup

Start of tailor made coaching plan & support programme for a startup in NL

Our team

Arun Swami Persaud


Richard Borsboom

Program director

Mike Frankhuizen


Adham Laamroui


Mladen Sančanin


Zakia Boucetta


Oedith Jaharia

Managing director



Marcel Bouwmeester


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We actively search for startups in the following fields: Block Chain, Fintech, Cyber Security, Smart Grids, Smart Homes, Smart Cities, Smart Mobility, E-Health, Next Generation Education, ePublishing, Sharing (Access) Economy, Social Media/Digital Platforms, Gaming and Social Robotics.

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Please contact us for more information about our intake procedure or for an intake form.

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